Primaries in Routing

Lemme ask you first if you know exactly what a CNC machine is? Do you? When I first had to write a post about one, I had to look it up! But I did a little reading, a little learning, then I knew what it was – something I WANTED. Take a look at all the things Yanko’s written about that have to do with a CNC machine and you’ll notice that it just doesn’t come up that often. But here one is: the “RedBlueCNC,” designed by Nick Santillan. This one’s spiffy. It’s got blue, it’s got red, it’s got yellow, it’s got the ability to take commands.

It’s modular, that means you’ve got a lot of options. Arrange it how you like. Adapters can be attached, tool-heads can be attached. Go nuts.

The following paragraph I used for the last CNC we published, and since this designer is the SAME GUY, I figure it’s just as good, ya?

CNC stands for “computer numerical controlled” and today it’s used for a number of machines including wood routers, milling machines, water jet cutters, oxy-fuel, surface grinders, and my favorite, 3D printing. The one mister Nick Santillan’s made here is for routing.

That last one was mainly wood, this one’s plastic. And if you’ll take a look at the photos below, you can see that it’s using some sort of writing utensil too, so the versatility of this thing is high. Take a peek at both this one and the wood one and tell me how many you’re gonna order.

Designer: Nick Santillan

RedBlueCNC by Nick Santillan




  • Fahim says:

    I prefer this one over the wood cnc machine.

    Looks tempting.

  • Quentin Dewolf says:

    you should checkout 3D printer

  • Alfredo Cano says:


    What if I want yo buy you one of this?

  • Chris says:

    No one catches the Rietveld Red Blue Chair refference? For shame.

  • hans says:

    So Chris Burns I am asuming you are not an industrial designer if you don’t know CNC machines? Because industrial designers they don’t watch porn when they are home alone in the evening… they are searching the internet for sexy videos of CNC machines all the time… 😉

  • cristina omena says:

    Gentlemen really liked this site Yance design every day I discover a new product created by their designs, today I showed the creation of a machine that Santilan Nick, I am indicating a site of my brother in law, which makes these machines cnc see here in Brazil that cool. and until the next time and good ideas and work until the next success to all.

    hugs cristina omena

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