Sew Color What

Sew all your colors, matched! The genius, as in most my favorite things, is in the simplicity of it all. This sewing machine right here is made for everyone, but fits right in with those who wish to enter the craft of attaching clothing to itself with thread. New sewers! This is for you. But for you perfectionists, you might want your paws to seek. Electromagnetic need drive. Filigree upper arm design. Openness. The workspace is wide open. Backlit work area, with the stitch pattern projected on to the fabric it’s about to be sewn onto. PLUS!

And a BET you wonder what the ink is for.

What’s that ink for? That’s crazy bringing ink that close to a bunch of fabric! No way man, just be careful. But wait what’s it for? It’s for the thread. It’s a yarn printer. You match up the color you need at the top, and this baby prints the ink as you go. And with a pneumatic JetAir-system handling your threading, you’ll be jamming out the thread quick and nice as a whip.

This project is called “Leitfaden” and I want one.

BONUS: There’s a simple slick table that matches up with the machine too!

DOUBLE BONUS: Can you guess how the Lietfaden aims to be environmentally supportive? Check it out: you know those amazing yet impossible-to-match old fabrics you see in used clothing at the second hand store? Instead of buying new fabric, tear those old rags apart and match em up here! All you need is a swatch, which can be a tiny rip of the clothing you’re about to sew, and bang! You’ve got that thread at your fingertips.

Designer: Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller

Leitfaden by Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller