Hangers On You Actually Want

Don’t look now but you are about to be invaded by tiny white ninjas. No wait, it’s just a bunch of stick figure pirates taking over your hallway..whew! Whatever they’re mission is, they need to first hold up my damn rain coat! Designer Massimo Battaglia has created this little army of ambiguous acrobats to service all your hanging needs. Calling his design “MagicBeans”, an homage to the Jack and the Beanstalk story, this clever design will be featured at this years Milan Design Week and will no doubt go into production shortly there after.

Designer: Massimo Battaglia

Jack is represented by the white puppets and the bean plant is the green rope. Thanks to the friction, generated by the rope passing through a quadruple curve in the puppet, the hanging parts don’t move when something is attached to them.

The height of the hanging points can be easily changed if the user slide the puppet on the rope gently.