Teaching coding in the easiest way possible… through tech-embedded puzzle pieces!


“Kids want to play a lot more than they want to learn” is perhaps the greatest elevator pitch for the ActivePuzzle toy set. It teaches kids how to build robots without the complexities of wires, hazardous parts, soldering, etc, and also allows them to learn to code without actual lines of code. The ActivePuzzle introduces these concepts and these abilities to children in the form of puzzles, a perfect way to get them to learn, given that children possess the ability to solve problems far before they possess the ability to communicate.

The ActivePuzzle comprises various jigsaw puzzles embedded with electronics. Piece the puzzle pieces together and they form circuits that execute lines of code. Each puzzle piece forms a block of code that when placed alongside another puzzle piece, creates a string of code that can be used to build any sort of machine… from a locomoting robot, to a dog that chases things, to even an electric fan.

The ActivePuzzle comes in a 22 block set with blocks that include LEDs, Motors, Buzzers, Voltmeters, IR Transmitters, a variety of sensors for light, temperature, and proximity, Potentiometers, Logic Blocks, Arduino Controllers, Batteries, and even packs a USB cable to charge your machines up! Together, the blocks encourage kids to play, but also to apply cognitive thinking and the basic tenants of problem solving to create the robots they want, because they’re much more likely to learn new things while playing!

Designer: ActivePuzzle Ltd.

Click Here to Buy Now: $122 $174 (30% off). Hurry Free Worldwide Delivery!

Click Here to Buy Now: $122 $174 (30% off). Hurry Free Worldwide Delivery! Only 16 hours to go!