The Tyme of Your CPU Life

You’ve got your finger still on the steampunk world, that ever-so-pretty subculture embraced wholeheartedly by these friendly internets. YD’s posted their fair share of steampunk stuff, and that tradition of love for it continues right this very moment. The “Woodguy” contacted us and rung our ears off with his excellent new covers for iMacs. Covers? Why that’s madness, you say, only PC computers can have a new level of design on top, Apple computers are already perfect, aren’t they? No way, no way at all! What they need is more wood.

They need wood, I am telling you that right now. Woodguy’s designed a couple of slick covers for the monitor/computer in 1 iMac series made of a couple different breeds of wood.

There’s the Shaker Style or the Maplewood, both will get your eyeballs in a bind. The Shaker Style is cherry with square peg and crown trim – painted marble base unit and an optional solid cherry accent trim for your keyboard. The Maplewood on the other hand is figured maple with a maple base. Extra special. Extra elegant.

Designer: Woodguy for Old Time Computer


Apple iMac hand built slip on covers by Woodguy for Old Time Computer