Check Out the Rims on That Table

OK, wait a minute. Rims on a table? Well, if you are Beth Fuller, then yes! Fuller has taken objects from the streets of New York Cities’ junkyards, and created beautiful recycled objects. All materials used in the creation of the “Junkture Table” are sustainable. They are found locally, and are either 99%-100% recycled. With the imagination of Beth Fuller, “Beautiful things CAN be made from junk”.

Designer: Beth Fuller


  • FLX says:

    Sorry, but this doesn’t look chic to me… at all. Made it too easy for yourself, to just put a rim in a hole in the middle of a table. Recycling ok, i like that idea – but the execution is lame.

  • Tully says:

    There also seems to be a disconnect between the ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’ images… The first image shows a trashed car and a pile of tires with steel rims.. Yet the glorious table shows a fancy aluminum rim. For one thing, the crack-heads living under the bridge would have rummaged through that pile of junk, stolen anything aluminum, and sold it for, well, crack! Besides, anyone who would even consider putting a table like that in their home, wouldn’t want some lame rim you’d find on a Honda tearing down your street at 3am…

  • SapinTremblant says:

    yes it look a bit easy to me too. From the point of view of recycling I agree and found a workshop wgo’s doing it too.

  • Keith says:

    It’s chic because it’s shiny, and black. You guys must have overlooked the shininess of the table.

  • AG says:


  • Shiella says:

    I like the design…I think this is not chichk but looks nice.

  • Freshome says:

    Some designers just make things to be made …they shouldn’t be promoted …anybody can put a rim in the center of a table.

  • Nicholas says:

    Hahahaha…. i enjoy the comments more than the work =P

  • Alden Rose says:

    Maybe the rim could be turned into a fan or sort of cooling system. I just think it needs a little more utility and function than just a rim put into a “chic” table.

  • AG says:

    Or the rim could just be f*cking recycled like it should be.

    Rather than being an extraordinarily ugly piece of sh*t in the middle of my room, just for visual ugliness….

    the aluminum could be used for food container storage, automotive parts, medical devices, consumer goods, or ANYTHING else.

    hence, actually recycling the wheel, not “recycling” the wheel as done here.

    the “recycling” of this wheel is actually worse than straight up throwing it away in a garbage pile.

    send it to be recycled. any bloggers out there read that? take those words I just wrote, and promote this comment, it’s a better idea and project than this stupid table.

  • righty says:

    i would like to say without reading anything and looking at the thumbnail i thought it looked as if the rim was some sort of cool light which you could have put in there… but on the other hand it looks nice the only problem id say is the rim looks brand new not reused

  • BF says:

    hi everybody,

    i’m beth the designer of the table. i completely respect that everyone has their own opinion about this table. i did want to point out however that the rim IS actually from the streets of new york. it looked like crap when i got it – i just shined it up. that’s the point of the project – to show that things in the landfill look like crap (that’s why they’re thrown away), but with a little tlc, then can look like new. your comments actually help prove my point.

    the other point i would like to make is that the piece at least inspires discussion about what to do with this “junk” – whether it be lighting, a fan, or whatever (as pointed out in the comments). that was my intention – to make people THINK about what junk could be. it is anyone’s prerogative as to whether the table is good, bad, beautiful, or ugly – but i’m happy that it inspired discussion about the “junk” itself. that was my objective.

    design that provokes criticism is design that moves the field ahead.


  • BF says:

    the rim is not aluminum. it is magnesium. magnesium is a lot harder to recycle. this is another misconception that consumers have – the type of metal is very important to the likelihood of it being recycled. that is why this was the perfect type of rim to use in this table. it’s harder to dispose of, so why not use it?

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