Wacky Energy Savings!

What’s green, plastic, transparent, huge, possibly good for energy savings, and makes your house look like a spectacular amazing fun room designed by Pee Wee Herman? That’s right! It’s two new designs from Farsad Ghaffarian! One of them is a roof for your home made out of simple, rollable plastic. For energy savings. Then the other one, this one is the “GreenBox”, which is a springy plastic box made to suck cold air from the floor up into itself. Also for superior energy savings!

You too can come on down to this supermarket of energy savings!

The RolloRoof is a rollable transparent plastic roof for right above your head. The use of this is of course trapping warm air in the room at human level, so that we might feel it’s loveliness more than the spiders, who of course live at the peak of the room.

Then there’s the GreenBox, which, being a springy plastic box, makes any room look like a really fortunate child’s room. But it’s not a toy! It’s function is to suck up cold air from the floor, keeping it inside itself so that the temperature of the room can be kept warm enough for comfort.


Designer: Farsad Ghaffarian





Rollo Roof and Green Box by Farsad Ghaffarian



  • Special thanks to my brother ‘Soroosh ghaffarian’ for 3D visualization my idea.

    • Farsad,

      Great Idea! Would like to know more about:
      * Construction materials
      * How it works
      * Variations in relation to applications.

      I work at a Non-Profit that uses plasic as a draft/convection/conduction barrier and always looking for new ways to innovate.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      • Thanks Emilio

        RolloRoof has a box for keeping a rolled plastic with a springy axis. This box install on the wall and it can make by plastic or any material. Another part of RolloRoof is some hook that install on opposite wall. In cold day we can open and stretch rolled plastic over our heads. With this action, hot air can’t go to high height and we’ll feel more heat.

        GreenBox has two parts. Part one is lower stand can made by any type of plastic or materials. It is a box that holds another part and has some hole in bottom. Part two is main part. It is a foldable box with a spring. It can made by plastic or a Cheap and flexible insulator material. In cold time of day we can open this box and it sucking cold air from floor and keep that in itself. This action reduces cold air from space and reduces space of room. I think less air in the room need less energy to warming.

        My Idea is a basic and I don’t test it for calculate the effectiveness until now. But I believe that will work well!

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