My Back Not Flat

What you’re about to see here is a bunch of perfection in triangular and wave-tastic dimensions. It’s the clarity that makes this particular set of three seats the greatness it is. The name of this project is “Skeie| | Wave” because Skeiel AS is the name of the group that designed it, and WAVE is what’s going on in the back of the seat. Made for locations that tend to the education and entertainment departments of the world; these seats, since there’s not too much to them, must be like I said: perfect.

Curved shell back hooked up to a triangular steel bar unto which all of the elements of the chair are fixed. And it’s so pretty! It’s just fantabulous in it’s niceness!

I could see myself totally watching a lecture in one of these sassy ladies.

Designer: Skeie AS

Skeie | Wave by Skeie AS






  • widepers says:

    What’s new or special about these? I would have cut the comment “these seats, since there’s not too much to them, must be like I said: perfect.” after “to them”.

    • savdes says:

      WOW, I simply love the shapes and design on these seats !! Savvy 🙂 Look elegant, indeed.

  • Sliver says:

    I know these chairs…
    And i hate them!!!

    Sorry, but these chairs are uncomfortably³

    • Boelgen says:

      Hi Silver,

      Personally, I love these seats, and they are very comfortable as they i.e. have sufficient lumbar support. Just out of curiousity, where have you tried the Skeie|Wave seats ?

    • newbie says:

      really? aren’t these chairs brand new? where did you try them…?

      • Boelgen says:

        Hi Newbie,

        I`ve tried them at a corporate auditorium in Stavanger, Norway. The company`s name is Roxar.

  • Confucius says:

    Subtlety at its finest.

  • fiveo says:

    Manufacturer of Wave is Skeie A/S of Norway; designer is designdepartment of C F Møller Architects in Denmark.

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