Not QBert, It’s Qbiosk!

It DOES have a cube in it though, but I must warn you, it doesn’t play music… or does it? Instead this just one fabulously idyllic sexy lovely mid-sized table. Did I mention it’s shiny? It looks rather vintage, sort of swanky, but this little baby has a secret: the ability to be equipped with a touchscreen computer on the surface, offering video and audio output. Fifteen or 17″ screen and built-in USB reader may come standard. It’s the Qbiosk coffee bedside table!

Let’s talk about this table for a moment, shall we? How sleek it truly is. How at home it would look in any modern house. And how simple it would be to clean if you spill juice or coffee all over it. So easy! And how radical would it be if we hooked up a pong system in there? How about that?! Yes!

Designer: Milan Kazarka, Milan&Marian

Qbiosk coffee bedside table by Milan Kazarka, Milan&Marian