How Practical Can The iPad Get, iBookends?

Did you have a life before the iPad? Did you even read books or see any movies before this Steve God Jobs-sent device came around? I know, life was so lame without this magic device, and I really wonder how you could keep your books lined up on the shelf before support came around in the form of iBookends. Designer Dominic Wilcox has his own take on the scene, hit the jump to know more!

My idea this week is an accessory to transform the whizzbang iPad into a simple practical object that may be useful around the home, in this case a bookend.
I will probably buy an iPad at some point. It is a beautiful object and is apparently wonderful to use. I don’t think I’ll read books on it as a paper book has higher resolution text, is about four times lighter and doesn’t need a battery. The iPad will definitely be a success as an entertainment device, looking at photos, reading an e-magazine, watching a movie and visiting websites, but whether it will become a ‘useful’ thing is a bit of an unknown. Hopefully the people who make the software apps will come up with something that turns the iPad from a delightful luxury item into an essential piece of equipment. Maybe one day we will look back and think ‘what exactly did we do before the iPad?’ or maybe we’ll think ‘Well, it made a stylish bookend’. Your comments are very welcome…

Designer: Dominic Wilcox

iBookend - iPad Bookends by Dominic Wilcox