Three Ear Components

One, two, three, and you’ve got an elegant solution to hearing loss. Very pretty in each! First you’ve got the hearing devices themselves, one in each ear, two, you’ve got two rings, one ring on each finger for manual volume adjustment control, three, the charging and display case. All of them together create “El,” also known as “El-Egance.” Now you will be excellent, and if I might say so myself, I’m quite surprised this doesn’t also have an mp3 component. Maybe version 2.0!

Ryan Kirkpatrick’s more concerned about those who have a hearing loss, moreso than those who wish to blow their ears out with music. So!

We’ve got the design of these lovely things: it’s a move away from the desire to hide the hearing aid. Kirkpatrick notes that hiding the earpiece often comes at the expense of the technological componentry (like maybe it’s not so good.) Instead the “El” is large enough to contain state-of-the-art technology.

In functionality and form, you’ll notice of course those rings just as much as the earpieces here. Look at them! They’re gorgeous! This first version is cast of Argentium Silver, but of course in the future gold, platinum, and set-in stones like diamonds and such are possible.

The earpiece features 20 millimeters of space between the microphone and the reciever to reduce acoustic feedback and “the microphone is positioned in such a way as to utilise the natural function of the pinna and achieve best directional sound.”

And the recharger? Man. That allows these devices to operate without having to replace the batteries.

Designer: Ryan Kirkpatrick

El-Egance by Ryan Kirkpatrick