Intravenus de Milo

That’s how pretty this is! Believe it! Have you ever had the need for an infusion? Perhaps a bag of fresh fluids in your veins to clean you up a little bit, or maybe you’re low on blood? Sometimes when this is a need, you also just happen to be living in New York, where you’re not allowed to sit still for more than a couple minutes or you’ve lost your job and lifestyle! So what do you do? You get a “Hook Man!” Designed by Chaozhi Li, a fabulous inventor who’s got style on the mind as well! When I first saw this design, I thought it was for some Tron body armor!

When using this product, you’ve got your liquid up on top, the tube running down your arm, and the IV plugged into your hand like usual. When the substance is about to run out, an alarm sounds and you can pop it out and keep on going on your way!

Safe? Sound?

Designer: Chaozhi Li


Hook Man intravenus helper by Chaozhi Li