Table of Expandability Deluxe

It is so deluxe man, so deluxe that it expands to great proportions. Such greatness it has, in fact, that 18 pieces become one in the folding. This table is made not only to transform awesomely, it’s made to save space and be the centerpiece of the room. Fourteen of the 18 pieces are on top. The last four are the legs. At the moment it’s white, in the future, maybe a bunch of colors will be on there. Like 18 different colors, I’m thinking. Something for the ever-expanding hipster market, yes?

This table’s made by Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström whose first collaborative project with each other is, in fact, this table. Watch their careers with great interest if you dare, they’re both Swedish freelance designers, so you know they’re going to make what’s great.

Designers: Sigrid Strömgren & Sanna Lindström

Grand Central expanding table by Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström