Oh Sucha Simple Bench

So you are just totally tired of all those wild and crazy pieces of furniture, ya? You’re thinking that why in the world would you make a bench like a banana when you could just as easily sit on a log? Well that’s a silly thing to say, logs get all icky when it rains out. But! What if you make a bench of metal and sealed wood? That’d be alright, right? Yes totally. Let’s take a look at this, the “Hover Bench” from Kristoffer Kjær.

Designed to be unique and luxurious with a sustainable history. It’s got vertically positioned lamellae to sit on, all of them originating from old Dutch colony houses in Indonesia. Fun! Each of them have been cut from century-old teak trunks (like lock trunks, ones you put your sewing supplies in, not the trunks of trees.) These pieces of wood have been sawn up and treated with oil.

And so, it is lovely. And simple. And unique.

Designer: Kristoffer Kjær



Hover Bench by Kristoffer Kjær