A roof for you, a home for your furry friends


If you’ve ever wanted to wake up to the chirping of birds, the Birdhouse Tiles are the best way to go about it. Not just a roof above your head, these tiles provide roofs above the heads of birds too. Integrating a birdhouse into the ceramic tile, the Birdhouse tiles can be used alongside regular ones, letting you put as many birdhouses you want on your roof.

Designed in consultation with Vogelbescherming Nederland (a Dutch organization that is concerned with protecting avian life), the Birdhouse helps support and house local birds, letting them flourish instead of dying out or migrating. Inside the Birdhouse, underneath the roof tile, a carefully designed nesting basket made of wood and bird screen is attached. This nesting basket ensures good ventilation, prevents the birds from moving to other empty spots underneath your roof and makes it really easy to clean the nest after a breeding period.

By installing one or more of these Birdhouse roof tiles, you give birds a safe haven to nest and raise their chicks. Instead of crawling under the roof tiles to build a nest and becoming pests rather than pets, the birds can now linger in their own cozy terracotta row houses!

Designer: Klaas Kuiken

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