A Full-On Kitchen Table

It’s everything. Oh my goodness it is everything, all at once. Everything you need in the kitchen, even the coffee! It’s got coffee in it! But it only appears at first to be a very sleek, very sophisticated long table! That’s crazy. But you get up close and you start to see it, yes, you see! Buttons! Hatches! Ways to expand! Truly this is what you’ve been looking for in an elegant kitchen experience. It is the “Mono” office kitchen concept.

Of course, it is for the office, where things get DONE. So It’s streamlined, isn’t it? Yes. Indeed this table is meant to be used as a table for eating during mealtime and a conference table during the rest of the day. Interactive touch screen interface allows you to pull up some lovely recipes, call upon their local deli or other food source to have food delivered, everything else pops out on the right. Sink, dishwasher, containers galore, everything in shiny, shiny prettiness.

Watch the video below.

Designer: Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8PvuO2SrBE 605 455]

Mono office kitchen concept by Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage