Hug your morning wood…

Wow, where do I begin with this one? This is definitely going in my WTF File under WTF?!?! It seems as though a bunch of students at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Crafts got together and thought about how to best criticize societies consumer driven tendencies. Ironically, after philosophically agreeing on making an object (for purchase no less), they were convinced that society needed to be more “intimate” with their purchased objects, and should be encouraged to “caress” them in order to get said objects to function. Their protest takes form in this beautifully designed “Heart Bean” coffee grinder. Made from a single piece of carved wood, this coffee grinder has a built-in heart beat monitor and will grind your beans to the rhythm of your heart. Wasn’t “Grind Your Bean to the Rhythm of Your Heart” a Nelly song? Moving on… So basically, you wake up, you make sweet, sweet love to this giant piece of wood and it spits out coffee grinds. Gosh I love humans, we are so weird and wondrous.

Designer: Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge & Danielle Ram


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