Heavy Coffee Observation

Hello all you people out there with a healthy addiction to joe. Every one of your lives are about to change, for the BETTER! And yes, believe it or not, that doesn’t mean getting rid of your coffee in any way shape or form, no! Designer Omer Deutsch wants you to drink as much coffee as you want, and in as comfortable a position as possible. This right here is a brand new cup, with a brand new giant handle. All for you, all for love.

All for the love of the joe. Mister Omer Deutsch decided that the handles of coffee cups were too small, and I agree with him. I must admit that I drink zero coffee during my day because I think it tastes like tar, but I have definitely used my share of the cups, and they’re silly! Look at that little handle you’ve got there, what are you, a mouse? No way! You need a big fat huge handle, the biggest and the fattest ever!

That’s why I support this coffee cup heavily. So very much.

Made of wood and ceramic.

Designer: Omer Deutsch

Coffee Mug by Omer Deutsch