Not a Trash Ball

Nay! For we know that the much more appeasing term for a container of trash is, of course, the “Bin!” The project you are about to look at here is called the “Bin.Ball” because it is not only a bin, it’s a ball. And it’s made for using during the times when you happen to be having a ball too, as in, having a totally rockin time at a party. You’ve got to be bin-conscious! In these modern times of interior design perfection, you’ve got to think ahead, or rather, on your feet. Put that trash you’ve got in these big colorful balls!

Yes, these are balls that are meant to be filled with trash at parties. They consist of two balls: one outer ball, one inner ball that holds the trash or recycling. Between these two balls is a layer of air, pumped into the ball contraption before the party begins with a compressor.

How does the trash or recycling stay in the ball, you might ask? Valves. With the simple use of valves, anything is possible! These balls are meant to be kicked around, played with, and made to be part of the party.

How bizarre.

Designers: Chugunnikov Alexey, Trofimenko Alexander, and Daria Svirid

Bin.Ball by Chugunnikov Alexey, Trofimenko Alexander, and Daria Svirid





  • Gunnar Tveiten says:

    They’d get sticky and filthy real quick. First people toss in empty plastic-bottles. Only as it turns out, invariably most of them are only ALMOST empty. The valves prevent the bottles from falling out, but does nothing to prevent the seepage of various fluids, many of which are sweet and thus sticky.

    Shortly thereafter, the “ball” sticks to the floor, or alternatively gets covered in grime and dust that sticks to the sugarwater.

    Real appetizing that !

    Or put differently: this wouldn’t work in practice.

    • Alexey says:

      Good day.

      Forgive me my bad English:)

      I agree, may well be that, “Bin.Ball” throw unfinished bottle and the liquid will result in the first ball, and then outwards. Maybe it’s dirty “Bin.Ball”. But what urn immune from this?? Surely there and the one who wants to pierce or burn the ball ….
      Maybe you have to be yourself a little neater and respectful to others? 🙂
      “Bin.Ball” – a one-time urn, which is more mobile and scattered throughout the colored balls, to decorate a party, rather than build discouraged, as it would if we used regular garbage containers. In this box, throw the bottle, even fun! The feeling of the holiday, rather than garbage collection! 🙂

      • Gunnar Tveiten says:

        Nah, the urn isn’t immune to it, except that you don’t generally roll the garbage-urns around the entire party-area, you know ? So any spills generally stay in the urn.

        It’s not really about being respectful to others, even if you completely up-end a bottle, a few drops of liquid will tend to remain in the bottle, unless you go to ridicolous lenghts to dry it. And if you think that party-guests, more or less drunk, will universally do that, then I’ve got some prime swampland to sell to you…

        • Alexey says:

          Excuse me …. I do not understand … But probably correct:)
          Even if something is left in discarded bottles and it somehow leaked out:) nothing wrong with that, as the urn is used to meropiyatiyah outdoors …. and its mission to protect the environment from broken glass. 🙂
          Well to fix the problem or bad reat you:)
          I see that the distinguished Gunnar Tveiten our decision to not like. … has the right to be. 🙂
          Thank you.

  • Nice trash balls. Loved it. Creative stuff indeed.

  • Scott Mason says:

    Logged in from my reader just to make the same comment. Definitely a neat concept, but it would leak backwash and beer EVERYWHERE!! It would cause quite a health/safety risk. Each valve could have a tub that extends almost halfway into the ball and sealed around the opening. That way it would have to get significantly full to start spilling.

  • Alexey says:

    This project has been prepared for the competition. Here are his terms:

  • Alexey says:

    Thanks to everyone who has not left untouched the project!
    Pleasant and helpful to read your comments.
    Thanks again!

    • DM says:

      Don’t see why it can’t work.
      If appropriate valves are there, and the urns are anti-vandal – no problem.

      Maybe some technicalities need to be thought through, like how exactly the urns are to be emptied and how they can be washed from inside and on outside.

      One part of the ball can be made slightly heavier, so the ball eventually rolls back to an “upright” position like a toy. It may be less mobile, but cleaner.

      • Alexey says:

        Good afternoon.
        I would say more, this urn-DISPOSABLE! Wash the inside of her do not ….:)
        In general, agree with the distinguished DM. It’s a concept:)
        THANK YOU

  • Roo 3k says:

    I’d love to see this in production, left over liquid in the bottles may be a problem with this design maybe a open close system rather than the valve.

  • LoveIt says:

    This is one of those great and easy ideas when everyone thinks: “Why wasn’t that my idea?”

    I’m looking forward to see these bin.balls on the next festival.

      • Daeve says:

        In the senario above, it looks like they are being deployed at a crazy party. I fully trust random people at crazy parties, and would not suspect a single one of them would pick up a Bin.Ball and hurl it at someone’s head. …Becasue crazy party people never do things like that.

    • Alexey says:

      Thank you for your understanding:)

  • Doug says:

    make it 3 times the size and put a person in it.

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