One Crib, All Babies

One panel, all personalities. That’s sort of the idea with this particular line of furniture that focuses on the panel. It’s called “Muu” and it’s got a “MuuPanel” system working for it. Imagine the luck, them having the same name like that! We’ve got a tiny bit of info on their Sam Collection – premium, colorful, and fresh. It’s all right inside this modern hipster style furnishings age we’re in. Right in there. I expect some amazing rock and roll screenprint posters on the wall and all natural food in the fridge for sure.

Each panel location in a piece of Muu furniture gives you the option of choosing a pre-fabricated design or allows you to create your own. If you choose to have them made, each panel’s custom-printed order has the choice of 10 characters in your choice of font. Once you’ve got the panel you want, they’re held in place by high-strength magnets, allowing them to be changed whimsically.

Below you’ll see the Crib, Toddler Conversion Kit, Dresser, Storage Unit, Nightstand, and Twin Bed. All of these are from the Sam Collection of Muu. They’ve also got a set called Ray that’s a bit more understated, working instead with simplicity and grace as opposed to fantastically loud expression of your undeniable child.

Designer: Muu

Muu childrens furniture line by Muu