Chocolate Is Sexy

Chocolate – it’s sensual, sexual, and delicious; known the world over for its mood altering properties and palette pleasuring sensibilities. We’re not supposed to play with food but Forplay is a concept near and dear to my heart. It explores the three main ways chocolate is enjoyed: licking, melting, and pouring. Ooh how scintillating!

Each of the three sets in this concept are made from porcelain and focuses on three distinct gestures shared among chocolate lovers around the world.

• Colors: Using a brush filled with hot, liquid chocolate to draw onto a frozen plate, freezes the chocolate as the “painter’s” art…until it is eaten, of course.

• The Mountain: Mountain-shaped chocolate that covers the lips of the cup, melts when hot milk is poured on it, creating a nice cup of hot coco.

• The Mussels: Eating chocolate much like the ritual of eating mussels and oysters from their shells, encourages licking, an expression of sensuality that is taboo in most public places.
Designer: Adva Noach


Forplay Chocloate Sauce Dish by Adva Noach