Bombs Away!

This is no aircraft. Nay! That’s all crampy. This is the future of transport. Elegance and a sensible arena for enjoyment of the trip. That’s what this is! From our friends in design 2-B-2 Architecture comes this modern marve; the “Bombardier Adventure,” a true adventure in passenger car for train mechanics. It’s got three decks, infinite niceness, and a lovely cool blue and green color scheme. Let’s get rollin!

Inside this masterfully crafted passenger car for a train you will find all of the following: On deck 0, there are bedrooms for 24 passengers. On deck 1, you will find 4 toilet rooms, 2 shower rooms, a playroom for all the little childrens, and a stuff room (for all your stuff.) Deck two is the main salon and public space with room for 24 passengers for if they want to have a huge amazing party with dancing.

That childrens area? It’s a game room. And through the monitors on the other decks, parents and guardians can view their children at play while they themselves are playing or resting.

Dimensions: 23600x4590x4700mm

Yes please, bring these to the states, in particular, my state of Minnesota. Do it. I want to train across the galaxy in this.

Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture

Bombardier Adventure passenger train car by 2-B-2 Architecture