The Nissan Dodgy looks like a pod-vehicle designed for terraformed Mars

Henry Ford famously said about his car “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The car itself was a big shift from horse-pulled chariots that existed before, and it took a shift in thinking to achieve the cars we have today. Look at the Nissan Dodgy concept and it looks like the next paradigm shift in transportation.

The Nissan Dodgy by Burov Design resembles a car no doubt, in that it has space for a driver and runs on four wheels, but it visually looks nothing like the cars we see on the roads. For starters, it’s dominated by an unusual affinity for spherical forms. The car itself is spherical in shape, and even has spherical wheels that rotate in all directions, giving the car freedom to move in any direction without rotating. (Remember the Audi RSQ from the film I, Robot?)

The car’s spherical cabin provides ample space for one person, with a panoramic windscreen that stretches all the way to the top, and large glass panels on the doors that give the Dodgy’s driver increased visibility in almost all directions (perhaps because the car can move in multiple directions too). The dashboard features a standard steering wheel system, although a slight glimpse of it shows multiple icons on the wheel, suggesting that the steering is actually a circular display.

So where would one drive the Nissan Dodgy? Well, that isn’t entirely apparent right now, considering the car is just conceptual… but I do see it being the norm in a distant future where motors, batteries, and components can fit right into the underbelly of a vehicle, resulting in a smaller vehicle that’s less car-shaped and more pod-shaped. The overall circular design? That seems like an aesthetic flair… but something does make me think the pod would look better in a futuristic setup. Perhaps on a red planet?

Designer: Burov Design