Truly the Wildest Blind

Bear with me here, this is a pretty interesting and therefor slightly difficult concept of a window covering to understand. What we’ve got here is a set of blinds. You know, the covering for windows. These are the blinds that run up and down in columns, but these are unique in that they drop like the horizontal type. There are four modes of dropping: all the way up, all the way down, halfway, and graph. What does the graph do? It takes the amount of time you’ve worked and played and graphs it on your window for the world to see!

Make sense yet?

Take this and stick it in your brain: when the shade is all the way open, you are not working. When the shade is all the way closed, you ARE working. When you activate the GRAPH function on these shades, it takes all the recent ways you’ve set the shade recently and graphs them, displaying for you the amount of time you’ve had the shades shut or open, when you’ve been working or basking in the sunlight.


Another interesting tidbit: this shade’s name comes from the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, whose Spanish title is La Ventana Indiscreta, which, when translated back to English reads: The Indiscreet Window.

Really wild.

Designers: Ishac Bertran and Gizem Boyacioglu

The Discreet Window from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.


Discreet Window by Ishac Bertran and Gizem Boyacioglu





  • Ishac says:

    Video of the concept here:

  • Steve says:

    Nice bit of tech but doesn’t really block light or people looking in so it’s a lot more form than function. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Well, it’s fine, but…

    How about this:

    – Integrate little electromagnets at the sides of the plates which pulls the blinds down with their weight.
    – You have two cords in each blind – use them as wires for powering the electromagnets.
    – Use polarity control for changing between different polarizations.

    Now – with the correct chain of magnetic polarization – you can close the blinds at the bottom also!

    If it did’t work with rectangles – use round slices.

    …and then show it pls in a new video 😉

  • beef smith says:

    Haha from far away the blinds look like condoms. Yuck!

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