The Underwear Washing Machine

Reusing water is what’s best for underwear. And if you don’t wear underwear, you probably know someone who does. Seriously basically everyone wears underwear. And most of those people have clean underwear on, or at least underwear that was clean when they put them on. Why? Because they ALL use this machine, every single one of them. It’s called the “Mr. Klein” and it uses reused, reusable water.

Put it wherever you want because it doesn’t need a restrictive hose comin on into it. It’s all transportable. It uses the water, filters the water, then uses that water again. And you know you SHOULD be washing your underwear regularly so you’d better get on top of this.

Designer: Yoon Kisang

Mr Klein the underwear washing machine by Yoon Kisang




  • mif991 says:

    I am sorry it doesn’t show its guts and the manner it will wash the underwear. So this is a aesthetic presentation only? The idea is valid, for I can see it used in hotels, but I wouln’t reuse the water…its disgusting sort of.

  • GI says:

    Nice design, but I’m a bit confused – what’s in it to restrict to just underwear??

    • kisang says:

      We use the technique to purify the water and reuse it.
      Use for this technique is more suitable for the underwear which
      is often and less dirty clothes than an outer garment which can
      attach bigger particle of dust.

  • kps9727 says:

    Is it more eco friendly to use new water every time or to filter the water (and replace the filters over time)?

  • trybudi says:

    recycling water from washing my undies just not the sort of things that comes to my mind when washing

  • I believe that these kind of amazing designs should increase it's demand in the market.

  • I believe that these kind of amazing designs should increase it’s demand in the market.

  • Floyd says:

    Not really all that new of a concept here. In the 60’s and 70’s my mother’s wash machine(s) had a large basin on the side that used water could be pumped into. On the next load that water could be pumped back into the machine. It saved on not only water but soap.

    Normally, the stuff that must be extremely clean would be washed first, i.e. the whites, then, some colored, then jeans, etc..

    I don’t think she ever used the water for more than one extra load though…..

  • If anything, I’d say that underwear is the garment for which you would least want to recycle the water used in washing.

    Dirty outer wear is mostly an aesthetic/smell issue; you want to get out food stains, dirt, sweat etc.

    Underwear (I’m talking panties & briefs here) is a whole different story, we’re talking about serious possibility for infection if you don’t get out the bacteria that even the daintiest, most hygienic among us is depositing on our drawers all day long. So unless you’ve got some kind of biohazard filter in this thing, I think I’ll take a pass.

  • GSHan says:

    It looks like SandaraPark’s head

  • Vickia says:

    where can i buy it?

  • SSEUNG says:

    it’s so simple and positive idea i think. i love it!

  • Zach Smith says:

    I haven’t decided yet if this is will turn out to be an indispensable part of our lives or not. But this machine can be a life saver for those undergarments that would be a waste if you wash using your washing machine. However, the reusable and recycled water for washing undergarments might not be a such a good idea. Undergarments must always, always be clean and bacteria-free.

  • sandeep says:

    useless stupid machine it doesnt cleans the undergarments fully they all are full of dust and bacteria

  • sandeep says:

    useless stupid machine it doesnt cleans the undergarments fully they all are full of dust and bacteria

  • Gaspolll says:

    wow…a tea cup magic…how does it cost? welehh…welehh ieu mah teh poci!!

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