Unique Sink City

That’s where we’re about to go. We’re, you and me’re about go to sink city, and we’re gonna love it. These sinks are made in collaboration between Cactus Designers and Vaskéo. In their fiery design love, they’ve created a set of four sinks that any reasonable futuristic looking sink seeking fellow or lady would be glad to own. In fact, my mother owns one very similar to the first image you’re going to see. She is the envy of all her peers.

I’ll tell you once and I’ll tell you again, ma’ams and sirs, the quality of the visit a person qualifies while stopping on over to yours any time of the day definitely depends on the tidyness and uniqueness of their bathroom. If you’ve got a wild sink like one of these, you’re already far ahead of the majority of your competition. A sink like one of these would even excuse you from a stray hair here or there!

I am personally digging the sort of triangular sink you see down there, as it seems both beautifully shaped AND easy to clean, if need be.

Designer: Cactus Designers and Vaskéo


A Set of Fine Bathroom Sinks by Cactus Designers and Vaskéo