Two Baths Crashed

That’s right, two baths crashed very gracefully and what came out the other side? This thing right here! It’s called the Infinity Bath, and it’s just the best thing ever I’m tellin ya. It’s got controls! Total technology in your ol’ bucket o’ wash water. Yessir, technology and next level comfort. And it all comes through the mini-panel on the inside side of the bath, which accesses every sensation: scent, music, touch, and eyeballs.

Through that control panel adjust for yourself the water temperature, feed rate, and modes of hydro-massage jets. You can also choose oil or perfume for aromatherapy. Remote connection to the internet and intelligent home system allows you to also choose music and pre-enable all of your favorite settings. Concealed, silent valves for water, on two sides to help distribute the water evenly.

Each bath contains removable cartridges for things such as pine oil, sea salt, that can be refilled at stores that carry such stuff. The bulk of the bath is made up of Duralight – material, “opening new possibilities for creating harmonious and pleasing lines, simple in its understanding, helping to fully experience the dynamics of water and feel its infinite movement.”

And this designer thinks further ahead than the actual first wave of these! The bath is made in a way that allows for modification, opening the door for such things as lighting implanted in the sides, unique sculptural elements, and ornamentation galore.

Designer: Aleksander Mukomelov







  • Marzaday says:

    I love the bath shape and the pattern in the last few pics. Not too sure about the aromatherapy part. Needs a bit more explanation and thought as to how that will all happen in real life and how it will look.

    Thumbs up to the form!

  • ThomWill says:

    Really nice design! Touch screens don’t work very well w/ wet fingers though so you might want to consider a display LCD and use physical buttons for the controls.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Alienzexist says:

    Nice design, cant say i like the leaf pattern too much, but good job.

  • Matthias says:

    Touchscreens and refillable cartridges for aromabaths? One way to make a simple product like a bathtub more prone to break. I never needed computers to pour some soap in my water – so why were they added? Because its cool?

    I dont quite like the shape either. It grabs more attention than it should and when you look at the V-dents in the middle: How much water can you really fill in there? Seemingly not much.

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