Steppy Steppy Clean

How many showers do you know that’r self-sufficient? None! Except what, what is this? A shower that powers itself! It’s called the “Eco Shower,” designed by Paul Frigout, and it’s rather steppy. Steppy, you’ve got to move your feet to make it work. As you step, you generate the power you need to make the water go woosh! As water flows through a turbine in the showerhead, electricity is produced, energy that’s used then to heat the water. Then there’s the blocks…

The blocks that make up the floor of the shower depress as the user stands upon them. As each block is depressed, a metallic cylinder appears through the center. As that cylinder arrives, the foot reacts, making you kind of do a dance, lifting and lowering your feet, pressure pumps water to the showerhead.

The shower does not use ceramic, as ceramic is evil and cannot be recycled – instead, Ice Stone is used, a product made of recycled glass, concrete, and steel.

Designer: Paul Frigout

Eco Shower by Paul Frigout