The Whole Childhood Made of Wood

What’s a good plate with nothing on it? No, what’s a bunch of good food without a plate? What’s a good baby without a single bed to sleep upon? How about when that baby gets a bit older, what happens then? Buy more furniture for them? Heck no! You take that crib you’ve got there and you transform it into a whole bunch of little person friendly bits of fun! Complete with another bed for that ever-elongating person.

In this furniture amalgamation, the “Smart Kid,” parents will find themselves loving the lack of store-going activities they’ll have to do, and the amount of child-engaging activities their little tikes will have!

Crib, changing table, storage drawers for linens and baby care accessories, changes into a playpen, or a desk with a chalkboard, a bigger bed, sets of drawers apart, everything a kid needs in furniture up to 10 years old.

Designer: Adensen Furniture

Smart Kid multi-functional article of furniture by Adensen Furniture