The Whole Childhood Made of Wood

What’s a good plate with nothing on it? No, what’s a bunch of good food without a plate? What’s a good baby without a single bed to sleep upon? How about when that baby gets a bit older, what happens then? Buy more furniture for them? Heck no! You take that crib you’ve got there and you transform it into a whole bunch of little person friendly bits of fun! Complete with another bed for that ever-elongating person.

In this furniture amalgamation, the “Smart Kid,” parents will find themselves loving the lack of store-going activities they’ll have to do, and the amount of child-engaging activities their little tikes will have!

Crib, changing table, storage drawers for linens and baby care accessories, changes into a playpen, or a desk with a chalkboard, a bigger bed, sets of drawers apart, everything a kid needs in furniture up to 10 years old.

Designer: Adensen Furniture

Smart Kid multi-functional article of furniture by Adensen Furniture






  • Inna says:

    need to be improved

  • brack says:

    i really like this idea, but the furniture looks flimsy. my 5 year old would have this torn up in one night.

  • mif991 says:

    I agree with brack, it is too flimsy…also my kids wouldn’t want to be associated with baby furniture, as they grow older they have changing tastes.

  • Pavel says:

    Thank you for comments. It is very important for us. Actually any part of SMART KID very stable and strong. It is not pine wood. All made of baltic birch, solid wood and plywood. SMART KID quite popular here, in Estonia.

  • WALDECIR says:

    gostaria de saber se encotra deste berço no brasil e quanto custa em reais.

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