These Are Not Animal Balls

They are called “Aniballs.” There is a relatively large difference between these golf ball creatures and the testicles of a cow. You can hit them all with a golf club, but only about 6 out of 8 will result in anything more than a kickback to the face. Aniballs! They come in cow, sheep, donkey, pig, goat, and dog. With four feet, a face, and a flight plan. All you need is a club, gravity, and a place to put the ball.

It’s always refreshing to do a 2 ton overground travel truck one day, paragraphs and paragraphs of description, and golfballs with legs the next. The genius of this is that one isn’t more brilliant than the next. These little guys are simple and super.

I’d love a set, and I’d totally play on-road golf with them!

(NOTE: I do not think the designers intend these for breaking windows, caution!)

Aniballs are produced and sold by Decathlon Inesis

Designer: Monsieur Madame Design

Aniballs animal faces and feet on golfball-like game balls by Monsieur Madame Design