Pendolo for Listening to Pendulum

Have you heard of the “band” Pendulum? They’re totally insane. You could listen to them on these. These are super speakers. Super speakers indeed. Just look at them! It’s a 2 way loudspeaker system inspired by the sounds they’re about to play. The woofer is shaped to a sphere, while the acoustic base is a horn shape. One located above the other with the tweeter on top. The sound shall flow naturally!

The designer of this project describes this as a user sensation project, as it’s meant to give the user the sensation of a full volume speaker when the actual volume is actually much smaller than it seems.

What you see is what you hear. Wowies.

Designer: Omer Sagiv

Pendolo 2 way loudspeaker system by Omer Sagiv




  • mif991 says:

    I like the different take on speakers. I wonder though if it can really deliver a better sound than what is out there already.

  • Sean says:

    One thing: it is going to fall over. You need some kind of tripod otherwise you sacrifice function for form. Now if you made it like a gyroscope as far as the balance goes, then I’d be interested.

  • Alienzexist says:

    falling over right now.

  • ac says:

    its a 3 way speaker

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