More than your average Music Box!

Made to bring absolute tears of joy to the analog synth lover, the Bivalvia Synthesis is a tiny wooden box that fits a remarkably powerful synthesizer into its tiny frame. Made clearly for the tinkerer, the Bivalvia Synthesis box comes with 15 keys and 6 dials/faders that let you work the synth and play music through it. 12 keys at the bottom provide 12 MIDI notes, while the three keys on the top are for cycling through patches and octave shifting. The dials/faders on top allow you to tweak the sound, editing aspects of it. The synth is based on the Axoloti Core, an open source hardware synth created by Johannes Taelman, and features absolutely no symbols or text on its body… the idea being to allow you to figure out what it is you’re doing and learn along the way. You can even create your own synth patches using the free Axoloti Patcher software by connecting the Bivalvia Synthesis to your computer and then storing all the patches on the Bivalvia’s SD card.

Designed with some absolutely delicious color combinations and a brain-melting electro sound coming from the 15W speaker built into the wooden box (it has stereo output too), the Bivalvia Synthesis is a great toy for musicians and music enthusiasts alike! *opens lid and plays the Stranger Things theme*

Designer: Love Hultén