Solar Power Spikes for Plants

Literally listed as a “solar powered gardener wannabee helper.” It is a guide for any gardener on a sort of small garden (or potentially giant garden) project that needs a little bit more than eyeballing. It’s a set of spikes you jab into the ground, each of them powered by the sun, each of them made to relay information to you about the moisture and nutrient levels of the soil, as well as sun exposure and temperatures the plants are receiving.

It’s called the “Plant Mate” and it’ll make your green thumb feel like it’s surrounded by bright, lovely lights! This mate works in concert with your phone (or tiny, handheld computer) using existing “smart phone technology” for data input and output.

Mathematic! Plant! Future!

Designers: Tom Dooley, Mansour Ourasanah, and Mathieu Turpault

Plant Mate solar powered gardener wanabee helper by Tom Dooley Mansour Ourasanah and Mathieu Turpault