GE EV Charger Actually Looks Good

Lookie here, Yves Behar of Fuseproject designed GE’s Wattstation –  a smart grid ready Level 2 charging station which means a 240 volt power supply that can be rapidly charged. The modular design makes each station future proof, allowing customers to easily upgrade as more options become available. This allows customers to stay current with the latest technology, while providing the ability for commercial property owners to qualify for LEED points.

On average the WattStation decreases EV charging time from 12-18 hours to as little as 4-8 hours compared to standard charging, assuming a 24 kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. How long before we start seeing these pop up all over cities? I’m so giddy to be alive during this great paradigm shift in transportation.

Designer: GE Ecoimagination and Yves Behar for Fuseproject





  • Jens says:

    Looks good doesnt it?

  • AL says:

    nice, but if they do not close areas or put cameras over there, the thin cables are all subject to vandalism, all intended to your and the others

  • Drew says:

    so your going to try to cut and steal a cable charged with 240 volts? good luck with that

  • Gladys says:

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