Reddest Red and Whitest White to Pour

Let me show you this lovely lady I just met. Her name is Vin-Eau and she’s not human, no, she is much more elegant. She is a carafe, and she is made of pure porcelain. Her designer is Scott Henderson and on her, he crafted nothing less than a magnificent swan with two fabulous DEVO hats on its head. What more could a lady ask for? Perhaps a bit of wine? Well lucky you, this container pours just that.

Comedy for comedy’s sake aside. this is pretty much the loveliest. What do you think, fill this pretty little thing up with some wine or sake (or whatever else you want, I suppose, you could put some goldfish crackers in there if that is your heart’s true desiger).

It all sounds magnificent to me.

And the red and white – oh, joyous day!

Designer: Scott Henderson [ Buy it Here, Vin-Eau Carafe is available for $48 @ YD Store ]

Vin-Eau Carafe red and white lady from wine heaven by Scott Henderson

Vin-Eau Carafe is available for $48 @ YD Store