Friday Giveaway: Win The Full Stix & Stones Necklace

Valentines over but those of you who have been hit by the Post Valentines Blue, meaning gave the WRONG gift and got panned badly by your lover; here’s a chance to rectify the situation. Present them the Full Stix & Stones Necklace, just don’t tell them you won it on YD, our lips are sealed too! As you know you can creatively personalize the Stix & Stones Necklace, I give you a choice of 3 styles; to WIN tell me which one you would make: Style 1, Style 2 or Style 3 and why.

More About The Full Stix & Stones Necklace

Designed by Brandon Perhacs, Stix+Stones is a line of jewelry that enables the wearer to create a wide variety of unique sculptural looks using two fundamental elements. The innovative design potential of Stix+Stones is hidden inside the hand-brushed stainless steel stix, with invisible magnetic stops positioned at precise intervals. This allows the user to play freely with the elements, while ensuring that the parts line up in a symmetrical manner, making possible a vast array of striking and elegant designs.

The Full Necklace cord comes with six brushed stainless steel stix of assorted lengths, and six magnetic spheres of silver and black nickel. [ Buy it Here ]

Contest Closed

[youtube: 605 445]

[youtube: 605 445]





  • Sean says:

    Style 1 because the V shape is much more sleek and unobtrusive than the others. Accordingly, it would accompany a thin and elegant neckline much better.

  • Simon says:

    I would probably go for style 3 for a significant other. The lower amount of sticks makes it seem much more delicate and feminine. The symmetry is also slightly broke thanks to the central stick, which makes it seem much more organic and warm to me.

    Last but not least, the overall appearance of the third jewel is very reminiscent of a cradle to me; given proper marital status, the metaphor might convey a very powerful meaning 🙂

  • Toby says:

    Style 3. It reminds me of a child’s climbing frame, which perfectly reflects the endless possibilities and freedom that a child would find in such a thing.

  • drew says:

    Style 3! It reminds me of a Chinese character and it’d be quite the conversation starter if you can show people it can be rearranged!

  • Chris says:

    I really like Style 1 the most. It’s simple, small and really classy. It’d be great to be wearing it at a party — just go away for a couple of a min (say to the washroom) and pop back out with a (relatively) completely new necklace.

  • ABHILASHA says:

    STYLE No.1 for me as it looks very romantic.

    1.The image hints of holded hands like a boy holding a girl’s hand.

    2. The sphere on it looks like a ring so it can also indicate an engagement.

    3. The overlapping of stix gives it an intricate woven structure look which is, kind of, unique.

  • Beatriz says:

    I would love style 2, because of it’s simetry.

  • eric says:

    Style 3: The angular lines remind me of korean and chinese characters. Would be a cool way to accent and personalize an outfit.

  • Kimberl says:

    Style 2. I am getting married in Oct. The dot represents beginning. Style 2 (to me) shows two joining in a beginning. Yeah I know how sappy. But when you plan a wedding everything gets twisted.

  • harrison says:

    I would chose #1. Very cool concept.

    Number one looks like a traditional necklace. Thus it completely hides the true nature of the necklace. That makes it an even more interesting piece of design.

    I would especially love to give this to my girlfriend since we are both mechanical engineering students and love things like this. One of my professors told us this:

    “The first thing to do on any project is figure out how to you can meet all the requirements with MAGNETS.”

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