Friday Giveaway: Win The Full Stix & Stones Necklace

Valentines over but those of you who have been hit by the Post Valentines Blue, meaning gave the WRONG gift and got panned badly by your lover; here’s a chance to rectify the situation. Present them the Full Stix & Stones Necklace, just don’t tell them you won it on YD, our lips are sealed too! As you know you can creatively personalize the Stix & Stones Necklace, I give you a choice of 3 styles; to WIN tell me which one you would make: Style 1, Style 2 or Style 3 and why.

More About The Full Stix & Stones Necklace

Designed by Brandon Perhacs, Stix+Stones is a line of jewelry that enables the wearer to create a wide variety of unique sculptural looks using two fundamental elements. The innovative design potential of Stix+Stones is hidden inside the hand-brushed stainless steel stix, with invisible magnetic stops positioned at precise intervals. This allows the user to play freely with the elements, while ensuring that the parts line up in a symmetrical manner, making possible a vast array of striking and elegant designs.

The Full Necklace cord comes with six brushed stainless steel stix of assorted lengths, and six magnetic spheres of silver and black nickel. [ Buy it Here ]

Contest Closed

[youtube: 605 445]

[youtube: 605 445]