Premium, Elegant and Ergonomic

Steve Jobs started work on a tablet before the iPhone and had the idea of a device that got rid of the keyboard, type on a multi-touch glass display; the rest is history. Aligned with this visionary who thought ultimately, it comes down to taste is the FLOTE, a premium, elegant tablet stand engineered like no other.

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A lot many times we end up using our tablets in the most uncomfortable postures. Results are backaches and bad eyesight. Whoever thought using a tablet was restricted to certain angles only, has it all wrong.

Let’s look in-depth into the FLOTE Stand, on that claims to be the Best Stand Ever! A Kickstarter success, the project created an impressive buzz in 2012. The innovation stems in providing a solution that enhance a user’s tablet experience, particularly when they are using their tablet to read, watch or browse for prolonged periods of time.

Let’s not even get into the comparison charts of other lower-priced products. It’s simply futile because none can match the premium, elegant and ergonomic solution that the FLOTE offers. It is compatible with all types of tablets present and future. In essence it is future proof.

Evidence of Good Design is a product that is functional, beautiful and sustainable. The FLOTE addresses all of these; it is for those who appreciate clean design, thoughtful engineering, and precision manufacturing built for a lifetime of use.

The range includes the FLOTE m2 Floor & Bed Tablet Stand, which is an adjustable floor and bed stand for the tablet. Cuddle in your bed and stream in the latest episode of Game of Thrones and watch without and fuss! The FLOTE Desktop Tablet Stand is ideal for desks, study tables, podiums, schools and basically any desktop scenario. The Orbit is ideal for small spaces like crowded kitchen countertops, retail checkout areas and bedside tables etc.

What tips the scales for us is the fact that is engineered like no other stand that we have seen or reviewed up till now. The luxury of effortlessly adjusting your tablet and as often as you’d like simple creates a delightful and ergonomic tablet experience! As simple as that!

Designer: FLOTE Design [ Buy it Here ]

[youtube: 600 451]

[youtube: 600 451]