Hydromagnificence on Two Wheels

Welcome to one magnificent looking BMW concept bike. It’s white, it’s blue, it’s black, it’s beautiful, and it’s hydrogen powered. That’s for realzies. Executed by several students of the ISD of Valenciennes (France), made lovely by a vision for the ecological future of motorbikes. Technologies abound, the “BMW HP Kunst” employs a cryogenic hydrogen tank, battery Li-Po, electronical brakes and controls, and electromagnetic suspensions.

These lovely designers position this bike in the HP range of BMW Motorrad, combining what they call the “player temperament” of the supermotard and the sportivity of a roadster. Asymmetry, dynamism, and one fantastic overall look. I’d do it.

Technic :
– Aluminium frame, tubular parts in steel and carbon parts
– Brushless engine 100kw
– Fuel cell
– Cryogenic hydrogen tank (capacity 20L)
– Battery Li-Po
– Electronical brakes and controls
– Electromagnetic suspensions

Designer: Arik Schwarz, Benoît Czyz, Charles Edouard Berche, and Vincent Montreuil

BMW HP Kunst hydrogen motorbike concept by Vincent Montreuil, Arik Schwarz, Benoît Czyz, and Charles Edouard Berche