Tab The Power Strip

What a zippy world it would be if we had designs like the Multi-Tab Power Strip fitted in our homes. This crazy thang takes aid of pictogram and energy efficient LED lights to help you keep a track of your hooked up gadgets. Unwanted tabs and sockets easily detach with a tug-up on the tab! Users can configure the power strip with as many or as few outlets required. And that’s about it…get adding and detaching, now will ya!

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

[youtube: 605 445]

Multi-Tab Power Strip by Soon Mo Kang







  • laurghita says:

    Very funny, I dont get it, why use another standard plug format to connect the boxes.

  • brack says:

    i love the look. its much more appealing than conventional power strips. but i won’t pay extra for “great looks” and aren’t those little led lights that stay on all night the same ones that are sucking all our power resources? that’s what i’ve heard.

  • monkeyfrog says:

    cool but almost not new, there where better ones shown here

    one question: wherefor is the first sticker – elektric flame?

  • Mike Vister says:

    Very good idea! I like it!

  • Carol says:

    Sugoi. Instead of the tabs unplugging the device it would be nice if it could just break & reroute the circuit, otherwise I have to come home everynight and plug the lamp in again and again…

  • Victor T says:

    In the words of the rural, model ship loving, tupperware buying housewife on Napoleon Dynamite,….”I want that”

  • John q says:

    Looking around my apartment the power strips are placed somewhere out of sight/reach for a reason, there are all kinds of wires/plugs sticking out of it why would I want to take up real estate on a table? if I needed to reach for this under/behind something I would have to crawl under stuff. I just dont see myself going through all that effort just to make sure something is unplugged.
    I dont think the solution to this kind of energy efficiency is as easy as having the end user plug/unplug things whenever they needed. IMO we need smarter electronics that go into a sleep mode thus using a minimal amount of energy until they need to be utilized again.

  • meinv says:

    Very funny, I dont get it, why use another standard plug format to connect the boxes

  • jihyeon Choi says:


  • niko kalten says:

    Multi Tab Power Strip is already in manufacture?.

  • CC says:

    What is the Animation software Do ?

  • Bodypainter says:

    it would be nicer if these were all dockingstations with built in power-adapter that switches off when the device isn’t plugged in.

  • core53mail003 says:

    Y’know, I would have figured by 2010 we would have moved away from the twin-blade style power plugs and gone to something more like an electrical equivalent of a USB plug. Something that’d more-or-less work worldwide and be safer than the open outlet on my wall.

    • westwooddenizen says:

      It’s a hard standard to get away from because so many homes are already wired one way, and we don’t replace our homes quite as often as we replace our computers.

      The only reasonable way to change the outlet standard would be to universalize a design, and then start packaging adapters with devices so that people with old-style outlets can still use them. Then stop building homes with the old-style outlets.

      • core53mail003 says:

        Agreed; however, they did this in the USA decades ago with the four-prong telephone plug. I’m not saying it’s feasible, or even reasonable, I’m just a little perplexed that no one’s pushed for it.

        What I’m expecting soon, though, is that USB plugs will replace the old cigarette lighter slot in autos.

  • w1llk says:

    We’ve already proven that replacing your outlet at home with a USB power port is simple, and about $20.

  • Hunter2458 says:

    One outlet or ALL outlets? For 1 outlet, $20 is really expensive.

  • orionburcham says:

    love the design, but unless I misunderstand the video, pressing down on the switch not only turns it off, but forces the plug out and onto the ground too? That I’m not sure I like.

  • cygnus23001 says:

    I have multiple problems with this. First, the sockets are 3 prong grounded, but the connecting plugs only appear to have two contacts. Second, the plugs wouldn’t be able to be inserted all the way as in a normal outlet because they have to go through two different layers of plastic to reach the contacts, and if there wasn’t a second piece underneath the pivoting outside, when the release was pushed, the insides would be exposed through the sides. Also, I have serious doubts about the ability of the release to push the plug straight out, and not twist it up and out, which could be hard on the plug and socket.

    • AreWeThereYeti says:

      All true. On the other hand, I really like the idea of having a lever to push that kicks the plug out without exposing the live wires briefly to my poor fingers.

      That’s one thing I really like about most of the european socket types- they have an insulated section at the base of the prongs so that no conductor is exposed until the wires are no longer live, as you pull it out.

      • Roninpenguin says:

        I could see where they could fix both of those complaints easily seeing as this is just at the concept stage. First you throw in a ground connector, then instead of having the whole face rock out, you could just have a lever arm that pushes out between the prongs of the socket to pop it out.

  • dicknervous says:

    There are two things that I think would make this better:

    First, a “blank” cube that can be inserted to provide more space between outlets for when you have the really fat power bricks.

    Second, make the push tab two-stage. Push halfway and a switch turns just the outlet on/off. Push all the way to eject the plug.

    As for safety and limiting the current being drawn, the first block can have circuitry that turns on a red led when getting near the maximum and turns off at a specified level of current draw.

  • Vinnymac says:

    I think the real bonus is the ease of use feature. Because it offers cute icons and the ability to remove the cord without actually touching it, it becomes more likable to the average person. However I don’t know how far the modular thing could go, how many could we combine before it dies?

  • Should_be_working says:

    The modular design is great until you give it to idiots who have no concept of electricity and make a 50 plug system which promptly burns their house down.

  • Slyd3z says:

    I like it. Naturally, there would have to be some latching/locking mechanism in place to keep the modules from being pulled apart arbitrarily.

  • Pearl Fujita says:

    love the integration between cute, functional, and ecological…very good idea, should be more ideas like this that think about the environment, design, and function…

  • ceebee says:

    that looks nice. Hopefully it won’t catch fire like normal powerstrips do.

  • Phil says:

    I like the design and the idea. I currently have around 10 plugs connected to 3 different extension cords underneath my TV and the number is growing, so a more organized way seems very appealing.
    Also, I like the idea of quick release, it’s nice for plugs that I need to constantly plug in and out, but what about TV, PS3, Receiver, Wii and all those? I barely need to take those out? Why not make a switch, where you can cut off the power flow instead of ejecting it? The LED can then display red, for off and green for on (or nothing for off and green for on to save energy).
    I would like to have that option to switch on/off power cords that I only use every now and then! (Like the Wii charger, which I currently plug in/out once a week when I want to recharge the controllers)
    Think about it…it’s a free idea – use and I’ll buy the product 🙂

  • dennyhe says:

    where can I order this product?

  • dennyhe says:

    where can I order this product?

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  • Unknown to many says:

    How do I buy this product? This is the most confusing website ever!!!!!

  • Unknown to many says:

    How do I buy this product?

  • Unknown to many says:

    I agree with ” should_be_working. It’s a great design and all but it could burn a house down if you give to someone who buys 50 and could essentially burn there house down.

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