Poc Lab – Beetle Inspired Body Armor

A full top with integrated but detachable back protection, shoulder and collarbone padding. The fabric is a durable and stretchy mesh with panels of aramid mesh for cut-resistance. There are no built-in elbow pads, since many skiers don’t want or need them, but they can be purchased separately. The detachable back protector may be used separately without the jacket.

Spine forms the basis of a modular system that you can trust absolutely. It consists of a flexibly jointed back-shield in a special combination of the latest high-tech materials, anatomically shaped and generously ventilated. We have improved the design of the waistband by widening the bands, which are tapered towards the ends, to add support and comfort. The waistbands also use a new super-strong Velcro that will last for ever.

Design: Poc Lab