A Knee-t Crutch on Wheels

Ohh that is clever. This is a project whose main function is to get you around in two kinds of style. One prerequisite: your leg has to be broken. What the weird!? Or if you want to fake it just to use such a wild and wonderful design, well that’s your own business I suppose. What this design, the “Stryder,” does, is act as both a one-legged crutch AND as a knee-standing scooter. It’s a transformer!

What designer Dat Huynh does here is take that extra step, don’t mind my word use. Made specifically for people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries. Made for people to get around quick! Scoot around! With less strain and fatigue on the body than the usual one-crutch.

But for those situations where the wheels just don’t roll, it’s also transformable into old-reliable Y-wing single crutch. (That, with the wheels visible and all, definitely reminds one of an Auto-Bot.)

Vote for Stryder at James Dyson Awards Here.

Designer: Dat Huynh

Stryder two-in-one crutch and knee scooter by Dat Huynh