Breathe Fresh Even In Smoke Emergency

It may sound as a random fear to some, but the Uphar Cinema Case makes me shudder at the thought of asphyxiation, smoke and fire. No one can really tell when things can go wrong and a simple trip to the movies turns bad. Only if we can equip ourselves with economical, functional, countertop aids like the Firescuba. A simple design using cardboard and carbon filter, it cups your mouth and nose to facilitate easy breathing (through smoke) till help arrives. Sometimes small things like this make the difference between life and death.

Designer: Dang Jingwei

Firescuba Smoke Protection Inhaler by Dang Jingwei




  • mif991 says:

    Has it been tested? It seems like a good idea.

  • Alienzexist says:

    Great idea, mass producible, potentially life-saving. Just need to make sure it works and you’ve got somethin!

  • tudza says:

    Why does it smell like french fries?

  • Critic says:

    This reminds me so much of French fries’ case. I think there is an IP protecting their design.

  • Miguel says:

    Love it, a hands-free application will prove more useful though. Should have some of those stretchable strings that hook behind your ear. =]

  • Rob says:

    Outfitting a wallet with such a device would be both practical and dual purpose as long as degradation does not ruin it’s effectiveness as either a wallet or a life saving device. good luck.

  • qwerty says:

    would the ip still apply if the function of the device was intended for different purposes

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    To bad SCUBA is an improper term to be used for this product.
    Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, what part of this is underwater.

  • tudza says:

    He meant Scooby, as in “Zoinks! Scoob, the place is on fire!” “Ruh roh!”

  • gobledoc says:

    Great idea, but as smoke rises you would be exposing yourself to the full force of the smoke whereas is you had all four limbs free to crawl the effects would be much less than being forsed to stand to hold this thing on, maybee the inclusion of an elastic band and two staples would help promote general survival. I strangely feel like some fries

  • Ja says:

    great idea for public areas, longing for mass production.

  • IAN MCKERNAN says:

    the amount of air, powered by the lungs, that will pass through the device means there is insufficent time for the toxic gases to stick on the little carbon filter.

    Sorry, not a practical life saving concept.

  • Gary Woods says:

    I am currently working on an invention that is partially related to a air-quality issue and i would be interested in offering a fair sum of money to buy the Import-Rights for canada and the USA. I do not want to steal theidea or deny you your portions of the profits. My intention is to include this item in my produces that will benefit children and the elderly.
    Let me know if there is the chance you would want to make a export agreement to sign me up for the import comtrols to Can & USA.

  • John Smith says:

    This is definitely useful. Many companies would be jubilant enough to get their hands on this product. You really have the brain in constructing this.

  • John Smith says:

    This is definitely useful. Many companies would be jubilant enough to get their hands on this product. You really have the brain in constructing this.

  • Next time I look over a blog, I am hoping that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I’m sure it’s my choice to read, however I essentially reckoned you can have something nice to talk about. Most I learn is mostly a couple of whining about something which you might resolve if you werent too busy looking for awareness.

  • Kevin Wang says:

    I hope the concept works in case of fire, but I do see some problems and maybe a direction for you to further think about this.

    If the filter works so great, why don’t you just apply the filter into the N95 masks, see the problem and potential?

    If it works and the technology can be included into a N95 mask, then you don’t have to worry about smoke as well as SARS, for sure decrease rate of fatality.

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is good. Very good. But I see problems with mass production. Where are you going to put these that everyone can get to them?

  • ずろぼさ says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic however you sound like you know what you’re tal

  • Jim says:

    It is not the smoke that kills but the chemicals and lack of oxygen in smoke. The carbon filter would hopefully absorb some chemicals but it will not replace the CO in the smoke with O2

  • Albert Donnay says:

    this mask won’t work without the addition of a hopcalite filter to convert CO to CO2.

    CO is what kills more people in fires than burns.
    but there is a mouthpiece product with hopcalite that really does work (combined with a nose clip),

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