Unique As It Gets!

Totally Unique & Awesome, that’s how I like to describe Rocking On The Beach. Be it you actually grooving on the sandscape or rocking yourself to La La Land in this glorious chair! This is one of the things you really got to see to believe so I recommend you hit the jump and catch the two videos that brilliantly showcase the breeze, the sound of waves and the sandy beach via clinging pipes of a rocking chair!
Main material used: ABS, plywood & sand

Designers: Joon&Jung Designteller

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcxjeJM524I 605 445]

Rocking On The Beach – A Rocking Chair by Joon&Jung Designteller



rocking on the beach by studio joon & jung from matylda krzykowski on Vimeo.