Unique As It Gets!

Totally Unique & Awesome, that’s how I like to describe Rocking On The Beach. Be it you actually grooving on the sandscape or rocking yourself to La La Land in this glorious chair! This is one of the things you really got to see to believe so I recommend you hit the jump and catch the two videos that brilliantly showcase the breeze, the sound of waves and the sandy beach via clinging pipes of a rocking chair!
Main material used: ABS, plywood & sand

Designers: Joon&Jung Designteller

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcxjeJM524I 605 445]

Rocking On The Beach – A Rocking Chair by Joon&Jung Designteller



rocking on the beach by studio joon & jung from matylda krzykowski on Vimeo.


  • Marcello Mastromatte says:

    Oh yeah, their works is very similar to Lorenzo Damiani pipes chair…wich is in exposition at the triennale design museum.. Here is the link http://www.triennaledesignmuseum.it/creative_set/
    As always there are people who copy others works…Even I if I do like them I'll be on this site once time a month, but I don't couse I'm italian and I don't steal others ideas…

  • brack says:

    just because a designer has their ideas showcased here, and you find an idea similar or exact, doesn’t necessarily constitute stealing. similar ideas can occur simultaneously in different parts of the world. it happens. but designers have the responsibility of acknowledging either who came out first, or how their product is different.

  • John Koning says:

    There are lot of pipes, woods and glass that you can use as a designer. If you say so, there are a lot of copy object even your works.

  • John Koning says:

    I would say you just jealous other designers.

  • Mike says:

    It is awesome idea and result! I would like to have one!!!!

  • Fogmaster says:

    The concept is great but the extremely loud creaking and cracking sound of the plastic pipes totally overwhelm the soothing sound quality of the “waves”. It needs to be made of something more stable and durable.

  • tebo says:

    reminds me of a musical instrument called “Palo de agua” o “palo de lluvia” (“stick water” or “rain stick”)of the South American Andes.
    Here in Colombia that are made with bamboo, maybe be a better adaptation than a PVC pipe chair.

  • I like the concept, but it looks like you really have to work to move the rocking chair — maybe it’s designed a little too low to the ground? Hard to tell.

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