Rome’s Resurgence by H2O

Behold the greatness of Rome. You know where it lies? In the water. Incase you’ve never been(!) : you should know they’ve got public water fountains all around the city in gorgeous shapes and sizes. What could the rest of the world do with these sorts of water dispensers? Live in joy! Designer Michael Tomlin has a key to jam into your ground, world. It’s called “Cascade” and it’s a magnificent water fountain.

Two different heights for the drinking panels, ripple design for the user to experience the sounds and the sights of flowing water. All essential plumbing components are located in the center and can be easily accessed for easy installation and maintenance.

Constructed of stainless steel or translucent material to emphasize the falling water. Easy to break down for winter months in places where that’s gonna be a problem (hello me in Minnesota!)

And to establish a sense of sense of belonging, engravings of locally appropriate symbols come basically standard. If it were in my garden, it would have the letters engraved: S – P – Q – R.

Designer: Michael Tomlin

Cascade by Michael Tomlin