Lights Are Upon You

Go on, brush your shoulders off. You’d better be clean when those big ol’ stage lights get a’blarin on you. Those barn doors are wide open, and you’re sweating bullets! But these aren’t them, no! We’re talking about something different. These are the beautiful, home version of lights used for stage plays or photography. These are called “Lutz” lights, or die scheinwerfer! And they’re coming to a home studio near you!

These babies were made by David Oelschlägel to be living-room versions of the lights used in films, transforming them into what amounts to a metal frame, semi-translucent black material, and a lightbulb. Made to see the lovely structure as it shines, made to make you feel just glamourous!

Red fabric coated flex and two red adjusting screws for flair!

Designer: David Oelschlägel

Lutz lights or scheinwerfer by David Oelschlägel






  • Tryn says:

    I just really struggle with why the lights are displayed in a cargo container…. i could see doing one shot of them in there for the dramatic flair (i guess), but every picture?? For some strange reason, that was enough to turn me off on these all together.

  • mif991 says:

    if these lamps have an incandescent or halogen bulb (it looks like they have a 100 watt), the fabric will burn. Other than that, I am not loving them.

  • Eddie says:

    This is amazing. It reminds me of an Art Basel exhibit I saw last spring.

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