We Are The Living Room… We Are The Future

We are the furniture! Actually there can be only one. This project is called “I Am Furniture” and it asks not what furniture is, but what it could be. What makes something a definitive bit of furniture? Design Studio VRAAY says it could be quite a few things – plug. and. play. Big fat heaters for chairs.

Oh man but wouldn’t they be hot? Hot on the butt! Yes, if they worked like these heaters normally would. (I’ve got one in my apartment right now (the old kind) and it gets HOT.) But these ones work on electricity, running on “a reduced electrical heating component made for tomorrows ecological ecological standards.” In doing so, these chairs work in basically the same way an electric blanket does, centralizing the heat to the person who wants it, rather than heating up the whole building.

Designer: Bas van Raay

I Am Furniture by Bas van Raay