Overcoming The Blind Spots While Driving

Ever been a victim to blind spots while driving? The Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor aids in overcoming those spots so that you have a safer drive. The system consists of consists of two parts: a windscreen display and micro cameras installed on the car’s exterior. It uses the upper part of the windscreen to display a real-time image of the vehicle’s surroundings (as captured by the cameras). I think the option could prove to be a double-edged sword, because plenty of you driving veterans are sure gonna get distracted by the secondary display!

Here is how the system works:

The micro cameras are set up on both the sides and back of the car. Image processing technology is incorporated. The separate images captured by the micro cameras are combined and displayed on the windscreen seamlessly. The advanced technology used means that even in low-light conditions (for example, at night or on rainy days), visibility is still very good. Furthermore, a car full of passengers or cargo will not impede the driver’s vision.

Designer: Ho-Tzu Cheng