Death Stranding edition Backbone One controller sports a pee-colored semi-transparent body shell

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is coming to iOS devices later this month and you’ll need a sharp gamepad to have the tactical advantage in-game. Backbone has got you covered on that front with a BackBone One Death Stranding Limited Edition controller. This comes on the back of the recently unveiled second-generation version of the highly rated USB-C controller for the iPhone 15 and Android controller.

Now the brand has collaborated with the developer of the highly anticipated title to develop a unique-looking gamepad that for you could either be a golden bliss or a piece of piss! That’s because the color is so peculiar, you’ll have your own subjective opinion on it. By the way, this is not the first time such a controller has made its first appearance since there was a DualShock 4 in the same hue.

Designer: Backbone One

Death Stranding is coming to iOS and Mac on January 30, 2024, and on the very same day, Backbone will make the special edition controller available for purchase in the United States. Playing this crazy haunted open-world title with touchscreen controls is going to be difficult, so if you own the iPhone 15 series, you are better off getting this mobile controller before the stock runs out. The new version (limited edition and standard one) has incremental upgrades including magnetic adapters for an ergonomic fit and a revamped D-pad.

The controller is inspired by the peaking technologies of 2000, explaining the transparent plastic casing that exposes the hardware inside. That hue somehow reminds me of the portable jars for carrying Bridge Babies around. While the front sports a cool transparent yellowish hue, the rear has a more standard solid yellow-orange and graphite color scheme.

Get this limited edition Backbone One mobile controller for $150 and you’ll suit yourself to the free iOS download code for the game. Also, the USB-C connection should be good for connectivity with Android devices.