Button Up A Watch This Winter

Its winter and just when your hands get warm and cozy in your gloves; you get this itch to see the time. In a normal situation you would just ask someone else for the time and ignore the watch on your wrist (under the gloves). But I’m not here to relate a normal situation! Allow me to introduce you to the idea of a Button watch. A teeny-tiny clip-on that clips to your jacket or bag and tells you the time on a need-to-know-basis.
Click the face once and it displays the time and date on the glass face for a few seconds.

  • Solar battery panels harness electricity for the display. (Sunny days in winter are few and far between, but in summers you could wear this for the fad-quotient).
  • Many of us depend upon our phones to note the time, and since touchscreen phones act weird with gloved fingers, this button watch would be a cute solution.

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Clip Watch by Mac Funamizu