The Airpods. Now classier than ever!


Perhaps you’ve been enamored by one of those beautiful leather cases for your iPhone, and now cover your piece of premium smartphone technology in lovely veggie-tanned leather. But what of the Airpods that come with it, I say? The Airpods are designed with a flossing-kit aesthetic, looking as simple as the iPhone looks premium, so if you’re going to cover anything with leather, it better be that white plastic case.

Elago’s leather Airpods case has a divine design. It wraps the case in high-quality natural cow-hide leather, available in both brown and black. The case is secured by a brass fastener, which gives it a beautiful retro feel (if you’re into that sort of vibe), and comes with a brass carabiner, allowing you to hang the case from your bag or anywhere else. It even comes with a cutout at the base to let you charge your Airpods without having to take them out of the beautiful leather housing.

Designer: Elago

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